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How to Check Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

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Let’s cut to the chase, nobody likes bed bugs. You don’t want sleep with bed bugs. These little buggers leave welt-like bites, can cause extreme itching and can be very costly to get rid of from a pest control standpoint if they follow you home. We’ve  put together a list of 7 ways to check your hotel room for bed bugs before you sleep there. It has been said that ants, black ants, can exterminate bed bugs, but most people will find the ants to be an issue as well. Maybe it’s worth a try, and then you can call for ant extermination later.

1) Leave your luggage by the door.

2) Inspect the bed.

3) Lift up the box spring

4) Check the bed frame and headboard.

5) Examine the nightstand and other furniture

6) Inspect the closet.

7) Check the couches and soft … Read More »