The Lifecycle of an Ant

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Facts About Ants

Scientists estimate that 20,000 ant species exist, and they have classified about half that number. Ants account for an estimated one-third of the total mass of insects on earth.

The earliest ants evolved 120 million years ago, and they achieved their present level of dominance about 60 million years ago.

Black and red ants were imported and accidentally introduced into the United States in the early 20th century. Since then red ants have spread across the South and black ants have spread into Western United states where black ants thrive in states like Arizona.

With thousands of species of ants crawling beneath your feet every day, in cities and rural areas, you'd think we'd know our six-legged pals. But of course they're tiny and many don't make a peep. So here's a close-up glance at the lives of ants, some ben