Pest Control Prices

How to Get The Best Pest Control Prices

Man doing pest control in homeIf you’ve looked around online for pest control prices before, then you know that what different companies charge is all over the board. You undoubtedly have questions, like “Why is that one so expensive? Why is that guy so cheap? What makes their service worth more? What are the hidden fees? Will this company service my area? What kind of contract do they have?” and on, and on, and on… The questions just keep coming. We want to help you understand how most pest control companies operate so that you know if you’re getting the best pest control prices and services, if you’re unnecessarily paying for things that you don’t need, or if you’re missing out on something important.


Many companies will require yearly contracts of service. AB Pest has listened to our clients and decided to take a different approach to this. We do offer yearly plans to keep your home pest free, but we never have contracts. You can opt for a one-time treatment or opt out of your yearly plan any time you want without paying contract fees or any other nonsense. Watch out for companies who come back to your home every month for pest care and then bill you for their services as well. This is a common practice in the industry and one that frustrates many people. We won’t come out to your home unless it’s arranged with you first.

Hidden Fees

Nothing is more frustrating than calling a company who says they can treat your home for a seemingly great price only to get a final bill for much more than what you were told or being forced into a contract that locks you in to their services. Both of these thing a sadly common. Hidden fees can include things like travel/gas fees, upgraded protection (better product), coverage fees because your property or home is larger than basic coverage areas allow, environmental fees, guarantee fee, etc… Make sure you know exactly what your pest control prices will be for your home and pest problems before you agree to any service. If something additional is needed outside of what’s quoted to you, then why you need it and what it will cost should be discussed with you prior to service being done to ensure that you are OK with it.

What’s the Problem?

If you have spiders or ants that you want to get rid of, that’s generally a basic issue that can be taken care of fairly cheap. If you have termites, that can get a bit more costly. There’s no sense in paying for a service you don’t need. Different varieties of the sum pest might require more work. For example, a German cockroach is much more difficult to get rid of than the average cockroach and would likely cost more to get rid of. Make sure that any pest control prices you find are inclusive of only what you need.

Actual Prices

So, let’s talk dollars and cents here. Initial treatments are usually very thorough to make sure the issues are taken care of before regular prevention treatments can happen. Basic applications will suffice for most homes, but if something is needed beyond the normal spiders and bugs, you could be looking at more expensive treatments. Here’s a range of what you can expect from different companies:

  • Initial Basic Treatment: $50 – $300
  • Monthly Basic Applications: $25 – $60
  • Quarterly Basic Applications: $30 – $110
  • Bed Bugs: $250 – $1000 per room
  • Termite Extermination: $200 – $2500 for a small home depending on method used
  • Fire or Carpenter Ants: Usually extra cost up to $1000
  • Bees/Wasps: Free up to hundreds of dollars
  • Wildlife (bats, squirrels, feral cats, skunks, moles, gophers, snakes, etc…) – $100 – $1500+

These pest control prices are meant to give you an idea of what different companies charge for different pests. AB Pest Control tries to stay competitive with our pricing and services offering guarantees on our work. Still trying to figure out which pest control companies are best? We can help with that.