Pest Control Pricing

Regular Treatment Pest Program – $31.50/month

At AB Pest Control our flagship service is the Regular Treatment Pest Program. Although this service includes 6 treatments per year, our Regular Treatment Program is actually less expensive over all than most of our competitors yearly programs even though they only come 4 times a year. Our Regular Treatment Program includes a full site inspection and creation of a pest prevention plan (initial treatment is $59) on the first visit. There by eliminating harboring areas and tailoring our service to flush all of your pests out to help prevent future population pressures and consequently helping to ensure a pest free area. During the initial treatment we create a specific plan for your home, usually requiring detailed and specific treatments through out the course of the seasons. By doing this we can eliminate potential future problems from occurring and be more effective than a “one size fits all” pest control treatment that most other companies do.  Our technicians are professional, knowledgeable and capable of properly taking care of our customer’s needs. (Homes up to 4500 sq ft)

Our Regular Treatment Program also includes an interior winter preventative seal up service that keeps unwanted pests from nesting and laying eggs during the cold season. It also features an unlimited re-servicing guarantee that covers both the interior and exterior all year round. If you ever have any problems we will always come back for free, but the tailored servicing means you’ll likely never have to call us for an extra visit. Like all of our services we never make you sign a contract. If you would ever like to discontinue service for any reason we will be happy to cancel your account as maintaining a happy customer is our highest priority.

Spring/Fall  Pest Program – $94

For customers who see high pest volumes during spring/fall but don’t mind the seasonal pests that can come during summer and winter, we offer a Spring/Fall service. While not as comprehensive as our Regular Service Program our Spring/Fall service offers excellent twice-a-year protection with a 30-day service guarantee per month (Initial treatment $94). Like our Regular Service Program, during the initial visit we will do a site inspection and create the most effective plan to help protect against unwanted pest.  As always we offer our Spring/Fall services without any long-term obligations. No contracts, ever.

One Time Treatment  – $119

If you would like to try out our service for a one-time problem and aren’t in need of any warranty, try our single service.

Bundle our 6-step Lawn Care to a Regular Treatment Program and they’re just $51.50/month!  (up to 6000 sq ft lawn)

That’s right, when you bundle pest and lawn care you save BIG! By combining our 6-step lawn care to our Regular Treatment Pest Program you save an average of $20 per treatment.  For just $51.50/month you get a magnificent lawn with a pest free home. Does it get better than that?  Oh, did we mention Full Warranty on BOTH!  Yes, no contracts AND a full warranty…

Regular Treatment Pest Program

  • 6 treatments per year
  • No Contracts
  • Initial treatment ($64) includes full inspection and pest prevention plan
  • Free unlimited interior/ exterior re-servicing guarantee
  • Full Year-round protection
  • Preventative inside winter seal
  • Most Popular

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Spring/Fall Pest Program

  • 2 treatments per year
  • No Contracts
  • Initial treatment ($94) includes full inspection and pest prevention plan
  • Full Interior and exterior treatment
  • Free 30-day interior/ exterior re-servicing guarantee
  • Seasonal protection

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Pest/Lawn Bundle

  • Best Value!
  • 6 pest control treatments per year
  • 6 lawn care treatments per year
  • Initial treatment ($102) includes full inspection and tailored pest and lawn care plans
  • No Contracts
  • Full Year Round Pest Control Warranty
  • Full Warranty on Lawn Care
  • Turf Insect Treatments for only $20 (when added)

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Be sure to compare true pest control prices as you are searching for the right company to help you!