Is it safe for my family and pets?

In a word, yes. Like most products and services, pest control has evolved over the years. Advances in the molecular structure of synthetic products have made them safer, effective at lower doses, and more environmentally responsible. When we started protecting Utah homes in 1999 there was a much narrower range of professional products. In 2000 at the National Pest Management convention we discovered EcoSmart Technologies, a small company that was launching their EcoPCO professional grade products. Our team was the first Utah pest control company to use EcoPCO in our daily treatments. Today the product landscape has changed. In addition to products from EcoSmart Technologies, we currently use safe and environmentally responsible products from BASF, Bayer, Bell Laboratories, Dow Agro Sciences, and Syngenta. We are committed to staying at the forefront of product innovation, and are frequently the only Utah-based company in attendance at the annual National Pest Management conventions. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in property pest inspection and the application of the most advanced and safest products available.

What is the ideal frequency for pest control in Utah?

Utah is a seasonal pest habitat. This means that, unlike many areas, Utah homes do not need monthly pest control services. On the other hand, our extensive experience in the Utah market has shown that the common quarterly interval most Utah companies favor is too long. The primary reason for this is how the Environmental Protection Agency regulates restricted-use pest control products. The EPA mandates that residual professional products used in the United States must begin to break down by 60 days and must be completely dissipated by 90 days. Due to these product limitations we have seen significantly less customer call backs when we treat every 60 days versus every 90 days.



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