AB Utah Lawn Care

6-Step Utah Lawn Care

Our Utah lawn care program is designed specifically for the Utah climate to keep your lawn fresh and green. You want a lush, green lawn during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months. You also don’t want your grass to die during the winter. Our 6-step program keeps your lawn healthy and strong so that it wakes up green in the spring, stays strong during the Summer, and has a healthy, stable root and nutrient system throughout the winter. Our fertilizer blend changes throughout the year depending on your lawn, the weather, and other factors to make sure that your yard gets exactly what it needs to stay beautiful.

1 SPRING STARTER: Necessary nutrients to help wake lawn from Winter sleep and start strong.
PREEMERGENT: Stops seasonal grass seeds from sprouting and helps prevent weeds from intruding.
LATE SPRING ACCELERATOR: Helps push roots deeper and gives a lush look going into the hotter season.
WEED KILLER: Prevents and eliminates weeds.
SUMMER STRONG LIFE: Keeps lawn green and healthy during hotter temperatures.
WEED KILLER: Prevents and eliminates weeds.
4 MORE SUMMER STRONG LIFE: Maintains nutrient balance for long Summer days.
WEED KILLER: Prevents and eliminates weeds.
FALL PREP: Essential nutrients to help the lawn in its slow down cycle and temperatures transition.
WEED KILLER: Prevents and eliminates weeds.
FALL/WINTER HEALTH: Stabilizes roots and helps nutrient storage for Winter months; makes all the difference in having a lush green lawn in the Spring.

Baby in GrassIn Utah, we get a lot of weeds that creep into our lawns from neighbors yards, fields, animals, and more. AB Lawn Care formulates the best, environmentally-friendly lawn care solution to kill and prevent weeds from creeping into your lawn and making it ugly. No matter how the weeds get there, we’ll kill them while not harming your grass. Even the harshest weeds (like crabgrass) will be taken care of. Once the weeds are gone we work to prevent them from coming back. Failing to maintain your lawn can allow stubborn weeds and plants to retake growth in your yard and overtake your lawn or leave unsightly brown patches. Our weed prevention doesn’t just work at the surface level, it gets into the soil to stop weed growth before it even happens!

Utah lawn care isn’t just about killing weeds, but making sure your grass stays lush and beautiful all season long. You won’t just have the best looking yard on the block, you’ll have the best feeling yard on the block as well. Healthy, lush grass will feel softer underfoot and is sure to be a delight to kids and adults in the summer. No worrying about going barefoot with AB Utah Lawn Care! Your grass will feel as good as it looks!