Ant Extermination

Ants are one of Utah’s most common nuisance pests. An ant exterminator can address this as ants can enter your home from almost anywhere. Typically they seek after water or sweet foods often found in the kitchen. Ants are communal so if you see one there will always be hundreds if not thousands nearby. Some colonies can grow as large as 500,000 ants. Despite their size, ant colonies can actually relocate quickly if they sense danger.

They have a sophisticated system of feeler ants or ‘spy ants’. These forward lookouts are constantly searching for new food or water sources and investigating potential danger.

How to Prevent Ant Problems

The best way to keep the ants away is to reduce the number of sites where ants can nest on your property. These sites include heavy ground cover like ivy, piles of bricks, flagstones, lumber, or other harboring areas. Next try to seal exterior cracks and holes. A knowledgeable pest management professional can help you identify potential problem areas. Once you know where your ants are coming from you can work with your pest management professional together as a team and successfully eliminate the ants from your property.

Can’t I Use Over the Counter Ant Killers?

Most do-it-yourself ant extermination approaches only kill the ‘spy ants’ you see on contact. This warns the colony that existing pathways are compromised and triggers relocation, which entrenches the ants even deeper. Store bought products are typically 1/100th of the strength of professional products. Also, store bought broad-spectrum pesticides do not have the targeted residual properties that our professional products do.

Why Use AB Pest Control

Our treatments penetrate pest problems at their source to ensure ants’ nesting sites are completely eradicated to help prevent re-infestation. Most home remedies also don’t account for the fact that different kinds of ant species require different treatments. Getting the ants to carry the necessary products back to the heart of the colony is the only way to truly eliminate an ant colony. Our team of professionals has the knowledge necessary to identify multiple ant species and modulate treatment methods specific to each species to ensure the quickest and most effective solution.

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