Spider Extermination Utah

spider-1 The spider is generally considered to be the scariest household pest. They perpetually invade unprotected homes looking for quiet places to sleep the day away. They are most commonly found in dark, damp areas or high ceilings and corners of rooms. At night, they emerge to feed, usually seeking out water sources or other insects. Unfortunately, if they don’t find what they need, they will bite humans. The debate continues about how many spiders the average human swallows each year. Some experts claim that the average human swallows up to 8 spiders each year while sleeping. Others dismiss the entire spider-swallowing phenomenon as pure myth. What is certain is that most spiders bite. While some spider bites may only cause swelling and irritation, other spiders can pose serious health risks. Utah is home to many biting spiders, including poisonous spiders like the black widow, hobo, and brown recluse. Utah also has a very high population of wolf spiders. The wolf spider looks very similar to the hobo spider but they are usually bigger and faster. Both the wolf spider and the hobo spider build funnel webs along fences and foundations.

How Can I Help Prevent Spiders?

spider In addition to a regular pest control service, there are some things every homeowner can do to cut down on spiders in their homes. First, seal all cracks around windows and door frames, as well as around light fixtures, vents, and ceiling fans. Next, seal all openings around pipes under the sink and behind appliances. Additionally, it is important to remove clutter and keep baseboards and floors clean.

Why Use AB Pest Control

Spiders are difficult to control without a regular professional pest control service. To effectively eliminate spiders you must create a barrier around your home with a micro-encapsulated restricted-use professional product. The micro-encapsulation acts as a time-release mechanism that emits a controlled amount of the active ingredient each day for up to 60 days. We treat a 4-8 foot swath of your foundation in addition to every door, window, vent, or entryway with a truck-mounted power sprayer. This creates exactly the kind of barrier that will keep spiders away. Any spider that tries to penetrate our barrier dies from exposure to the active ingredient. Initially, on our first treatment, we also create an interior barrier around the entire home to eradicate the spiders already inside. Without a professional protecting your home, your family and pets will be at much greater risk of spider bites — and maybe even the wrong kind of late night snack.

Regular Treatment Pest Program

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Spring/Fall Pest Program

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