Wasp Extermination

Utah is home to several different types of wasps. These include yellow jackets, paper wasps, hornets, and mud daubers. Unlike bees that die with one sting, wasps can sting repeatedly, and they behave aggressively and attack whenever they sense danger. Wasps will defend their nest when disturbed and can release an attack pheromone to other nest mates, launching an aggressive, coordinated attack on victims.

Although Wasps are the most common stinging pests in Utah most pest control companies will not guarantee their eradication. Why is that? Most Utah pest control companies will not guarantee wasps precisely because of how difficult they are to control. In order to rid your property of these stinging swarms you will need a skilled professional and a long lasting restricted-use product. You will also need a truck mounted power sprayer to reach the high eves where wasps like to nest. Only a high-pressure application can thoroughly coat your eves with sufficient product to eliminate wasps and keep them from building future nests.

How Can I Help Prevent Wasps

Limiting access to harboring areas is the biggest step to preventing wasps from hanging around your home. Seal up cracks, remove attractive plants and feeding areas. Also, do not leave meats or sweet drinks in accessible areas because they attract wasps.

Why Use AB Pest Control

Most do-it-yourself products will kill existing wasps but this leaves two problems. First, you must be able to find all the nesting areas. Second, even the do-it-yourself products that claim to have a residual are heavily diluted, rendering them ineffective. In order to rid your home completely of intruding wasps, all nests must be found and removed, and a professional-grade residual product must be strategically applied to prevent them from rebuilding nests.

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